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Arbidol is a broad spectrum antiviral with over 30 years track record of effective use. It has been used to suppress influenza pandemics and stop SARS breakouts.

Recent studies (see have shown its also works preventing and suppressing Influenza, Hepatitis C, Chikungunya, and Ebola. It is currently in test to see if it is effective against ZIKA.

Good Earth Medicine has work with suppliers world-wide to make this important compound available to research labs in many countries. We are committed to supplying the highest quality Arbidol tested using the most reliable western quality control tools like NMR and LC/MS. Samples are also tested to confirm active viral suppression.

Good Earth Medicine stands ready to supply Arbidol. It can make an effective pandemic response possible.

We have commissioned the translation of more than thirty years of published studies on so you can read them in English. All statements set forth here are based upon the information contained in those studies.

Good Earth Medicine is ready to support your efforts to build and maintain a broad spectrum response to current and future threats.

Contact: for more information on our support. Thank you.

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Providing Arbidol to discover and document its true potential.

Good Earth Medicine stands ready to support both testing and stockpiling to respond to known and unknown threats.

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